Guitarist and composer from Terrassa (Barcelona), he starts playing the guitar at 9 years old, in a self-taught way.

At the age of 12, a stage of musical growth begins with Ikako Eñeso, jazz / funk guitarist, with whom he will learn songs by musicians such as George Benson, Grover Washington Jr or Wes Montgomery among others, which will forever mark his style.

Despite being an amateur musician, his creative ability has resulted in numerous musical compositions, 9 of
which have been chosen to be part of his first work: My Own Pace.

Notes on “My Own Pace”

It is the first album by Lluís Molina. Recorded at the Nou Cant studios (Barcelona) and with thecollaboration in the production of Joan Moliner (responsible for recording and mixing), it has the participation of great musicians such as Miki Santamaría on bass, Pere Foved on drums or Adri Gonzalez on the keyboards. They
have also contributed their talent as guests, musicians of a very high level such as Jordi Casas (Outer Space) on percussion or the excellent and multi-awarded jazz trumpeter Raynald Colom.

My Own Pace is an album with a style that is reminiscent of works like Breezin or Livin Inside Your Love, by guitarist George Benson, who burst onto the music scene in the late 70s.

Each track of this album breathes a differentiated personality, fruit of the distance in time between  compositions, which give it an unquestionable creative energy.

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